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Toggling technical debt

The plumbing and scaffolding logic to support branching in code becomes a nasty form of technical debt, from the moment each feature switch is introduced. Feature flags make the code more fragile and brittle, harder to test, harder to understand and maintain, harder to support, and less secure.

Source: Building Real Software: Feature Toggles are one of the worst kinds of Technical Debt

Thought-provoking article. Everything has trade-offs. While feature toggles make it a lot easier to keep big changes in mainline development instead of on interminable feature branches, it’s good to recognize their potential dark side.

Mickey Peterson on What is new in Magit 2.x 

Magit’s always had a neat cherry picking functionality, letting you cherry pick arbitrary commits from the commit log. I use it frequently by combining it with range logs to look at commits in other branches. The cherry pick interface is available on A, and you can use it in more places. Practically anything the point is on that is a commit is cherry pick-able in the UI now.

Source: What is new in Magit 2.x – Mastering Emacs

Magit is easily the best UI to Git I’ve used on any platform, Emacs or otherwise. This article is a nice overview of what has changed in version 2.

Dear Medium: Please stop hurting the web

A few minutes ago I was about to quote and link to a blog article on my personal journal, which, like this blog, is a self-hosted WordPress site. WordPress provides a very handy “Press This” bookmarklet, which makes it easy to quickly populate a new post with a quote, a title, a link back, and (optionally) an image.

Unfortunately, unlike the vast majority of sites on the Web, Press This doesn’t seem to work on Medium articles. Read More

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