Calc-mode for calculating seconds

Yesterday I had a tiny epiphany about when Emacs calc-mode can be really useful. Here’s a tiny screencast about it.  

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Boolean Externalities

A meditation on the inadequacies of boolean values. Continue reading

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How to use Ruby’s English and/or operators without going nuts

Years ago I wrote about Ruby’s English and/or operators and why they are the way they are. I’ve never been completely happy with how I made my case in that article, and more recently I took another whack at it in … Continue reading

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Where do ideas come from?

Someone wrote in asking: you always have ideas… How do you generate ideas to build something? Which is a great opportunity to pontificate. (I swear, I did not make this question up!) Let’s get this out of the way: I … Continue reading

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Zero to Smoke Test with Sinatra

A walkthrough of getting an initial smoke test in place. Covers Rack::Test, OmniAuth, email_spec, Capybara, and more. Continue reading

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New book! Birthday sale!

TL;DR: New book project, The Rake Field Manual. Today only, buy early access to it at half-price ($12.50) with coupon code HAPPY0X22. Or get any of my other books and videos at half price with code BDAY0X22. Or get your first three months of RubyTapas for the price of one … Continue reading

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Typist Wanted

I love most aspects of making RubyTapas. I love the research, and the writing. I enjoy doing voice-over. I even like editing the video, at least some of the time. And of course I love the feedback that the videos … Continue reading

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Rake Part 2: File Lists

How to pick out all the files we want, and none we don’t, using Rake’s FileList class. Continue reading

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Active Record Soup

Once upon a time there was a small but prosperous village. This village had a reputation for being tech-centric. It was populated mainly by enterprise consultants, software architects, and agile coaches. The denizens of the village had grown wealthy and contented from … Continue reading

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Jim Weirich on exceptions

Back in 2011 I was doing research for the talk that became Exceptional Ruby, and Jim Weirich was nice enough to let me pick his brain on the topic. I was reminded of this email today, and thought I’d share … Continue reading

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