RubyTapas Episode 4: Barewords

In today’s free Monday episode of RubyTapas, some thoughts on how to enable method logic to remain stable and unchanged while evolving and changing the source and scope of the values used by the logic.

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  • Geoff Lanotte

    Well done, very informative and got me thinking. I would be interested to see how you would see this playing into rails views.

    • Avdi Grimm

      I have some specific techniques for that, so I’ve added this to my episode idea queue. Thanks!

  • Urban Hafner

    Great episode, and I love the Discworld reference :)

    • Avdi Grimm


  • mhinton25

    This episode was really good.

    • Avdi Grimm


  • Michal Krejčí

    I always thought which version is better:

    def full_name; “#{@first_name} #{@last_name}”; end
    def full_name; “#{first_name} #{last_name}”; end

    So you’re suggesting to stick with the second variant when there’s attr_reader for both :first_name and :full_name specified?

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  • Arne Brasseur

    Thank you for this episode. I was wondering, what emacs stuff do you use to do that ‘evaluate and insert as comment’ trick?

    • Avdi Grimm

      the rcodetools gem, with its included emacs extension.