New RubyTapas Video, and a very special RubyConf Offer

First off, here’s this week’s free RubyTapas episode, delayed thanks to hurricane preparations. It’s about Command-Query Separation (CQS), and how your unit tests may be letting you know that CQS is breaking down.

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UPDATE: Along with RubyConf, the special deal referenced below is now at an end. Thanks to everyone who signed up!

 Alas, I am not in Denver for this year’s RubyConf. But I like to think I’m there in spirit. And in that spirit, I’m offering a very special deal on RubyTapas! For the next three days, new subscribers can get RubyTapas for just $7.50/month. That’s a savings of $18/year over the usual $9/month rate.

You still get the full RubyTapas experience:


  • Three focused, bite-sized screencasts a week of intermediate to advanced Ruby tools, idioms, and OO design guidance.
  • Delivery by email or RSS (podcast) feed.
  • Full transcripts and source code for every episode.


This isn’t an introductory rate; this is a chance to lock-in a discounted rate for as long as you remain a subscriber. But it’s only available while RubyConf is in session, and I’m not likely to offer a deal like this again anytime soon.

By the way, I know I’m not the only one offering special deals for RubyConf. For instance, I see that Noel Rappin is offering 25% off his excellent series of JavaScript books. If you are an an author or other content creator who is offering a special deal for RubyConf–or you know of someone who is–feel free to pipe up in the comments.

Happy hacking everyone!

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  • cstadach

    I’d love to sign up, but Paypal doesn’t allow it for some obscure reason :(

    • Avdi Grimm

      Are you in Germany? German PayPal doesn’t allow recurring payments. But you can still sign up with a credit card.

  • Patrick Helm

    Unfortunatly, PayPal does not allow recurring payments for german users :(

    • Avdi Grimm

      It’s true. However, they can still use a credit card (credit card is processed with Stripe)