RubyTapas Freebie: Streaming

Does code optimized for RAM usage need to be ugly? Find out, in this free episode of RubyTapas.

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  • sidonath

    Thanks for helping us keep the code clean and nice!

    I discovered the enumerator-returning functionality by accident the other day when I wanted to create an array of multiple instances of a class.

    First attempt of `2.times { }` didn’t work as it didn’t return an array. However, `2.times.collect { }` did the work (I find “collect” alias more expressive than “map” in this case). Another moment when I realized just how much I like working with Ruby.

  • عبدالعزيز الشتوي

    RubyTapas is a beauty :)

  • David

    What are you using for inline console in ST2?

    • Avdi Grimm

      First of all, it’s Emacs :-P

      And I’m using xmpfilter. If you’re a subscriber, episode 56 goes into detail on it.

      • Kurtis Rainbolt-Greene

        Emacs is just another plugin for ST2 I’m pretty sure.