A List of Programming Screencast Series

Since I publish a screencast series, I’m curious what other programming screencasts people watch. So I asked around. Here’s the list, based on feedback as well as my own bookmarks.

Feel free to submit additions or corrections.

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  • http://avdi.org Avdi Grimm

    Psh, those suck ;-)

    • http://peterc.org/ Peter Cooper

      Being serious though, I think you should add them. I’m not aware of another list like this and it could be very useful, so it makes sense to have it on there even though this is your site.

      • http://avdi.org Avdi Grimm

        I did put a link in the intro, but yeah, I’ll add it next round of editing.

    • DGM

      lol, Avdi, I love how you make fun of yourself. The last tapas where you said something about putting everything on one page. :D

  • Rafael Lima
    • http://avdi.org Avdi Grimm


  • Traroth

    Nothing about Java, Scala, Groovy, Clojure?

    • http://avdi.org Avdi Grimm

      Clearly the market is wide open…

    • jamesshore

      My Let’s Play TDD series covers Java + Swing. (It was also the inspiration for Let’s Code: Test-Driven JavaScript, already in the list.)


    • AK

      Java has so much content available on the Internet that it, in a way, renders many tutorials pretty much useless.

    • http://ascendantlogic.com/ Matthew Case

      Would love to see some Scala screencasts.

  • Bharath

    I also suggest to add emacsmovies.org

  • alessioalex

    Dude, nodeup.com && Javascript Jabber

    • dylanized

      those are podcasts, not screencasts. they’re awesome though!

  • Marek Zelinka
    • BuddyLindsey

      I concur with this mention.

      Full Disclosure: I am the creator of GoDjango

      Thanks Marek for the mention :)

  • Sylvain

    Hi all, and thanks Avdi for the list!
    I’m adding here some french Ruby / Rails casts :

    Not sure if that’s in the editorial line you intended, but having resources in one’s own native language is a deal maker/breaker for many, so I’d love to promote the hell out of any local initiative.

    Merci :)

  • markhagan


    My .Net video examples.

  • phatle
    • http://avdi.org Avdi Grimm

      Not a screencast.

  • hmart

    Tutsplus https://tutsplus.com/ not only programming, Also design, business

  • Mark Koops
  • Marek Zelinka
  • Jeremy Smith

    I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that this is the one blog post of all blog posts I have ever ready that I will derive the most long term knowledge and joy from. Amazing, amazing stuff and much appreciated.

  • Rollo
  • Marco Britton
  • Shawn Higgins


  • arb


  • Kevin Coyle

    Drupalize.me for Drupal

  • Juan Pablo Lomeli D

    http://leveluptuts.com/tutorials sass, compass, html, coffeescript and others

  • jab3z

    http://www.egghead.io/ for AngularJS

  • jonathansampson

    I do a weekly hangout that is over 20 episodes deep at this point. I started with HTML, proceeded with CSS 2.1, and will be starting Bootstrap this evening. After this I’ll be doing JavaScript/jQuery. Weekly, thursday nights at 7:30pm Eastern – http://learn.sampson.ms.

  • moarperl
  • bf

    Gitcasts if you can find it https://github.com/github/gitcasts/blob/gh-pages/index.html#L29 (formerly in various places)

  • mebersole

    I have a series on the CUDA GPU Computing platform called CUDACasts. YouTube Playlist is here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5B692fm6–vScfBaxgY89IRWFzDt0Khm

  • http://twitter.com/axcdnt Gustavo Freitas

    I would suggest udemy https://www.udemy.com/ :P

  • http://www.dashingd3js.com/ DashingD3js
  • chunk2k3

    Hey Avdi, just thought I would point out that Tekpub and PeepCode have been gobbled up by Pluralsight.

  • Ethan Garofolo

    I recently started a Node series at http://www.learnallthenodes.com. There’s a whole 1 episode as of right now, with the next one coming out on Monday.

  • http://www.devcasts.io/ Romeo Mihalcea

    http://www.devcasts.io please consider us.

  • jackquack

    How did you miss http://pragprog.com/screencasts ? Their series on metaprogramming is really good.

  • http://eliotsykes.com/ Eliot Sykes

    Hi Avdi, thanks for publishing and maintaining the list. Please consider throwing my Web Dev Break screencasts ( http://www.webdevbreak.com ) into the mix. Kind regards, Eliot

  • Karol Kaczmarek

    Brand new Node.js screencast series: http://www.TutsOwl.com