Study Notes: Conway’s Game of Life in Elixir

This is a first take on Game of Life. It only exploits the most basic Elixir features like functions, lambdas, and pattern matching.

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  • Greg Vaughn

    Very cool! I chose the same problem for my first Elixir program, but I don’t have any visual component. My input is a list of live cells. If you’re interested it’s here:

    I had a function just like your neighbor_coords that I refactored into a list comprehension

  • dstockdale

    Cool, good idea. I’ve learnt quite a lot from that so thank you. There’s a tiny syntax error in there on line 45 there should be a comma before the do

    def next_state(“.”, _), do: “.”

    • Avdi Grimm

      Thanks. I’m pretty sure that bug is fixed in the current version of the gist.

  • unregulous

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