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How to Suck at Conference Talks

Justin Searls pinged me on Twitter asking if I had anything to add to his advice on building and presenting conference talks. First off, go read his article. He’s clearly put more thought into this stuff than I have. It … Continue reading

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Why does Amazon hate ebook authors?

In theory, Amazon has been a boon to ebook authors. They created the world’s first widely-accepted dedicated ebook reader hardware. Their Kindle Direct Publishing program makes it easy for self-published authors to get their stuff featured next to works from … Continue reading

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Rumors of Ruby’s Demise

Periodically someone on the Internet becomes aware of concurrency-oriented programming languages like Erlang or Scala, and climbs up the bell tower to sound the “is Ruby dying” bell. This topic came up on Parley recently. A few people asked me … Continue reading

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Why DuckDuckGo is better for web development, a pictorial guide

(Click for larger version)

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The Passion Gospel

Warning: reading the following may render you unemployable at some startups. Continue reading

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Playing with JSON in Postgres

I can fetch a JSON list of subscribers like this: curl -u $API_LOGIN:$API_PASSWORD Then there’s jq, which is basically AWK for JSON. The following invocation simply breaks a top-level JSON array into an object per line. cat subscribers.json | … Continue reading

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The Moderately Enthusiastic Programmer

I feel like I’m practically the poster child for the “passionate programmer”. I code for fun, always have. I’m like the stereotype of the guy who’d be programming even if it didn’t pay. I play with new programming languages for … Continue reading

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Dotenv for multiple environments

Lately I’ve been handling configuration entirely through environment variables for my apps, as the 12 Factor App recommends, and I can’t recommend this approach enough. As a constraint it helps me think about what parts of a given app¬†actually¬†need to … Continue reading

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Faster! More Intense!

Some notes on screencasting. Continue reading

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The Hybrid Kangaroo Desk

A few people have asked me how I feel about my Hybrid Kangaroo Desk. The short version is that I love it. The slightly longer version: so, I’d known I wanted an adjustable standing desk for quite some time. I’d … Continue reading

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