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New book! Birthday sale!

TL;DR: New book project, The Rake Field Manual. Today only, buy early access to it at half-price ($12.50) with coupon code HAPPY0X22. Or get any of my other books and videos at half price with code BDAY0X22. Or get your first three months of RubyTapas for the price of one … Continue reading

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Typist Wanted

I love most aspects of making RubyTapas. I love the research, and the writing. I enjoy doing voice-over. I even like editing the video, at least some of the time. And of course I love the feedback that the videos … Continue reading

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Watch me build an app (one day sale!)

As I posted a few months ago, the good folks at TekPub recently took my hours of footage of a weekend coding project and turned it into a tightly edited hour-and-fifteen-minute screencast. Well, as you might have heard, TekPub has … Continue reading

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Complete “Making of” video now available from Tekpub

A long while back I gave myself a challenge: I was going to code up and launch a web app in a weekend. And I was going to narrate and record the whole process for later release as a screencast … Continue reading

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Confident Ruby is Finished!

I am thrilled to announce that my book Confident Ruby is now finished. I even hit my target of releasing by September 1st… if by “September 1st” I had meant “of the following year”. So what is this book and why … Continue reading

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New book, and a huge birthday sale!

Two things: today I’m releasing a new book, and I’m having a great big one-day birthday sale. New book! First, the book. As you may know, I released a new gem recently called Naught. What you may not know is that I wrote … Continue reading

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Naught, a toolkit for building Null Object classes in Ruby

I just released a gem I’ve been working on for the last couple days. It’s called Naught and it’s intended to make it easy to build various kinds of Null Object class in Ruby. This isn’t the first generic Ruby … Continue reading

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“Confident Ruby” now in Beta!

Hey, remember when I said I’d finish Confident Ruby by September 1, 2012? Ha ha! That was a funny joke! Seriously though, this book has taken much longer than intended, partly as the scope grew, but mostly because of other … Continue reading

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RubyTapas 100th Episode Giveaway

On May 22, the 100th episode of RubyTapas will arrive in subscribers’ inboxes and RSS readers, and I’m marking the occasion with a great big giveaway! I’ve got a whole pile of eBooks and other goodies to give out. Check … Continue reading

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Taking a break from pair programming

About seven months ago I officially put out my shingle as a consulting pair-programmer. Since then I’ve logged around 250 hours of pair programming with at least 60 different programming partners. Most of that was paid sessions, but I also … Continue reading

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