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Why does Amazon hate ebook authors?

In theory, Amazon has been a boon to ebook authors. They created the world’s first widely-accepted dedicated ebook reader hardware. Their Kindle Direct Publishing program makes it easy for self-published authors to get their stuff featured next to works from … Continue reading

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Confident Ruby is Finished!

I am thrilled to announce that my book Confident Ruby is now finished. I even hit my target of releasing by September 1st… if by “September 1st” I had meant “of the following year”. So what is this book and why … Continue reading

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“Confident Ruby” now in Beta!

Hey, remember when I said I’d finish Confident Ruby by September 1, 2012? Ha ha! That was a funny joke! Seriously though, this book has taken much longer than intended, partly as the scope grew, but mostly because of other … Continue reading

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Objects on Rails “Sponsor Edition” now includes a conversation with Sandi Metz!

Objects on Rails comes in three “editions”. There’s the one you can read for free online. There’s the $5 “download edition”. And I also offer a $20 “Sponsor Edition” for people who really feel like it’s worth more than $5, … Continue reading

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Confident Ruby now in Alpha

Last year I gave a talk entitled “Confident Code” at several conferences and other venues, including RubyNation, RailsConf, Cascadia RubyConf, and Ruby Midwest. Judging by the talk reviews linked above, people seemed to like it. Some of them have said … Continue reading

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Now Available: Objects on Rails

Announcing the immediate availability of Objects on Rails. Free to read online, $5 to download! Continue reading

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A Game Development Curriculum

Along with every other hacker on the planet, I got into programming because I wanted to write games. It wasn’t long at all, though, before I learned that the greatest game of all is teaching the machine to do your … Continue reading

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My authoring tools

Several people have asked about my self-publishing process. I’d really like to write something comprehensive about this, along with code/scripts/config for my whole build stack, but I haven’t had time yet. Until that time, here are some notes on tools … Continue reading

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Object Oriented Programming Books

A few people have asked for recommendations of good foundational Object Oriented Programming texts. The truth is I’m kind of behind on my formal OOP reading, and some of the early texts I read I wouldn’t recommend. My first proper OOP book was … Continue reading

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Early access beta of “Objects on Rails” Now Available

UPDATE: Objects on Rails is now complete and freely available online. Often, at conferences and users group meetings, I find myself discussing the intersection of Ruby on Rails, Object-Oriented development, and Test-Driven Development, and I’ll mention something like “I prefer to develop my … Continue reading

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