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Emacs Reboot #8: Gists

Lately I’ve been using Github’s “Gist” service to post code snippets to this blog, so it would be really handy if I could quickly post new snippets from Emacs. There is a project by Chris Wanstrath called gist.el, but it’s … Continue reading

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Emacs Reboot #6: Marmalade, Magit

In this episode, I use the Maramalade package archive to install the latest and greatest Magit-mode for managing Git repositories.

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Emacs Reboot #5

When Emacs sees that a file is not under some kind of version control, it saves a copy of the file before editing it. By default, the copy is stored alongside the original, using the original file’s name with a … Continue reading

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Emacs Reboot #4: Customizing Customization

Unlike some Emacs old-schoolers, I make heavy use of the Emacs built-in GUI-ish customization system. In order to make customizations in my new blank-slate setup, I need to first set it up to use a different file than the default. … Continue reading

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Emacs Reboot #3: Preparing the Canvas

OK, I’ve got my .emacs set up to switch between a .emacs23 and a .emacs24 file depending on which version of Emacs I start up. Now I need an actual .emacs24 config file. I want to keep all of my … Continue reading

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Emacs Reboot #2: Startup

After compilation completes it’s time to give the new Emacs a shot: $ src/emacs It starts up successfully, and makes a valiant attempt to load my existing Emacs configuration. I notice some warnings about missing Gtk3 modules in the output: … Continue reading

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Emacs Reboot #1: Beginnings

I’ve been getting the urge to do a full Emacs reboot lately. Inspired partly by the interesting things going on in Emacs 24, I’ve been wanting to rebuild my whole working Emacs working environment–evolved over the course of years–throw away … Continue reading

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