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Playing with JSON in Postgres

I can fetch a JSON list of subscribers like this: curl -u $API_LOGIN:$API_PASSWORD Then there’s jq, which is basically AWK for JSON. The following invocation simply breaks a top-level JSON array into an object per line. cat subscribers.json | … Continue reading

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Dotenv for multiple environments

Lately I’ve been handling configuration entirely through environment variables for my apps, as the 12 Factor App recommends, and I can’t recommend this approach enough. As a constraint it helps me think about what parts of a given app¬†actually¬†need to … Continue reading

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Faster! More Intense!

Some notes on screencasting. Continue reading

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Debugging an HTTP Client Library

I’ve been trying to use Benoit Chesneau’s hackney library to hit the Wistia API from an Elixir program. Between the fact that hackney is still under rapid development, and the fact that I’m not great at reading Erlang code, it’s … Continue reading

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The day my gems disappeared

So my Rakefile kept telling me RSpec wasn’t installed. begin require ‘rspec/core/rake_task’ task :default => :spec task :spec => :dotenv rescue LoadError warn “RSpec unavailable; spec task not defined” end $ rake spec RSpec unavailable; spec task not defined … Continue reading

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Fixing a doc bug in Ruby

I recently had reason to submit a one-character documentation fix to Ruby. I know submitting a patch to a high-profile project can feel intimidating, so I recorded the process to show just how straightforward it is.

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Installing Elixir on Ubuntu 13.04

I just installed Elixir and there were one or two non-obvious points. Elixir requires Erlang OTP 16, and the Ubuntu package repos contain release 15. So the Ubuntu Erlang packages won’t cut it. Instead, install Erlang from the Erlang Solutions … Continue reading

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My Screencasting Process

A bunch of people have asked about my screencasting process for RubyTapas. My process is a work in progress that I frequently iterate on, so this is really just a snapshot of my process as of January 2013. I don’t … Continue reading

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Fancy GitHub Authentication with Omniauth

Configuring Omniauth for GitHub authentication is easy enough. But I needed to optionally add extra permissions to the authentication token. I eventually figured it out, but since I had to piece the steps together from various sources, I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Letter to a Young Developer

I’ve been getting some emails from young developers wanting to “level up” as programmers. I’m definitely not the first to write about this topic, so I’m not sure how much I have to add. Still, for what it’s worth here … Continue reading

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