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Active Record Soup

Once upon a time there was a small but prosperous village.¬†This village had a reputation¬†for being tech-centric. It was populated mainly by enterprise consultants, software architects, and agile coaches. The denizens of the village had grown wealthy and contented from … Continue reading

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Why does Amazon hate ebook authors?

In theory, Amazon has been a boon to ebook authors. They created the world’s first widely-accepted dedicated ebook reader hardware. Their Kindle Direct Publishing program makes it easy for self-published authors to get their stuff featured next to works from … Continue reading

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Rumors of Ruby’s Demise

Periodically someone on the Internet becomes aware of concurrency-oriented programming languages like Erlang or Scala, and climbs up the bell tower to sound the “is Ruby dying” bell. This topic came up on Parley recently. A few people asked me … Continue reading

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The Passion Gospel

Warning: reading the following may render you unemployable at some startups. Continue reading

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The Moderately Enthusiastic Programmer

I feel like I’m practically the poster child for the “passionate programmer”. I code for fun, always have. I’m like the stereotype of the guy who’d be programming even if it didn’t pay. I play with new programming languages for … Continue reading

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Lost in a World of Data

A reflection on programming in OO languages versus dynamic functional languages such as Elixir and Clojure. Continue reading

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Linux has better hardware support than OS X

TL;DR: OS X users pick their hardware from a very short list of known-good configurations, and when you do the same thing for Linux, the results are equivalent. Like most nerds I know, I don’t mind disagreement, but something in … Continue reading

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The Trouble with HTTP Digest Authentication

A guest from Larry Marburger about HTTP Digest Authentication, and why it’s not a viable candidate for authenticating modern RESTful APIs. Continue reading

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On BritRuby

I am, or rather was, a speaker at British Ruby Conference 2013. If you were planning to attend, or if you follow many Rubyists on Twitter, you probably know that the conference has been cancelled. As one of the invited … Continue reading

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Let’s stop telling programming newbies to learn Vim (or Emacs)

As readers of this blog know, I am a proud user of the third most baffling editor in existence. (Why third? well, I feel confident placing Vim as the 2nd, because while inscrutable, hand-twisting keybindings are difficult, in my observation … Continue reading

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