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Dotenv for multiple environments

Lately I’ve been handling configuration entirely through environment variables for my apps, as the 12 Factor App recommends, and I can’t recommend this approach enough. As a constraint it helps me think about what parts of a given app actually need to … Continue reading

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Exception Causes in Ruby 2.1

Sometimes when rescuing an exception in Ruby, it’s useful to handle the error scenario by raising another, different exception. As an example, we may want to add domain-specific failure information before passing the error on to client code. begin # … Continue reading

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Watch me build an app (one day sale!)

As I posted a few months ago, the good folks at TekPub recently took my hours of footage of a weekend coding project and turned it into a tightly edited hour-and-fifteen-minute screencast. Well, as you might have heard, TekPub has … Continue reading

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RubyTapas Freebie – Gem-Love Part 3

Sometimes on RubyTapas I serialize larger projects into bite-sized pieces. In this episode, you can see a slice of the outside-in TDD process I use as I develop part of my gem-love project. You’ll see me thinking about messages before … Continue reading

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RubyTapas Freebie: Enumerator

It’s been a while since I posted a freebie. Today’s is episode 59. It covers one of the most interesting (to me) classes in the Ruby core libraries: Enumerator.

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Bounded Queue in Ruby

I don’t post code on here nearly as often as I should. Here’s some code I just finished for a future RubyTapas episode. It implements a thread-safe, optionally bounded, timeout-enabled queue class suitable for communication between threads. Please throw rocks … Continue reading

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Complete “Making of” video now available from Tekpub

A long while back I gave myself a challenge: I was going to code up and launch a web app in a weekend. And I was going to narrate and record the whole process for later release as a screencast … Continue reading

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Confident Ruby is Finished!

I am thrilled to announce that my book Confident Ruby is now finished. I even hit my target of releasing by September 1st… if by “September 1st” I had meant “of the following year”. So what is this book and why … Continue reading

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Fixing a doc bug in Ruby

I recently had reason to submit a one-character documentation fix to Ruby. I know submitting a patch to a high-profile project can feel intimidating, so I recorded the process to show just how straightforward it is.

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RubyTapas freebie: xmpfilter

Today’s freebie answers the #1 most common question I get about RubyTapas!

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