Equals is an Assertion, not an Assignment

Understanding assignment in pattern-matching functional languages. Continue reading

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Lost in a World of Data

A reflection on programming in OO languages versus dynamic functional languages such as Elixir and Clojure. Continue reading

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Debugging an HTTP Client Library

I’ve been trying to use Benoit Chesneau’s hackney library to hit the Wistia API from an Elixir program. Between the fact that hackney is still under rapid development, and the fact that I’m not great at reading Erlang code, it’s … Continue reading

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Exception Causes in Ruby 2.1

Sometimes when rescuing an exception in Ruby, it’s useful to handle the error scenario by raising another, different exception. As an example, we may want to add domain-specific failure information before passing the error on to client code. begin # … Continue reading

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FPOO Ch. 9: Functions That Make Functions

Unlike Clojure, as far as I know Elixir does not have a library of foundational higher-order functions such as like lift or complement. So I’ll have to build them myself. Before I do anything else, I need a helper function … Continue reading

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FPOO Chapter 7: Programming with Dataflow

This is where FPOO starts to get interesting. I have to say I find the choice of the term “dataflow” confusing due to its other associations in programming. But this section introduces a style of working with data–first annotating it, … Continue reading

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FPOO Chapter 6: Inheritance

Continuing to translate the code from Brian Marick’s “Functional Programming for the Object Oriented Programmer” into Elixir. Continue reading

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FPOO Chapter 5: Classes

So far, my tiny object system in Elixir has been stowing all methods directly in instances. Chapter 5 of FPOO directs me to move instance methods out into a “class” of some kind. First off, there’s no more new_point. In … Continue reading

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I haven’t responded to a CFP in years

The title is the first line of Justin Searls’ latest blog post. It also happens to be true of me, albeit by a very thin margin. That is, it’s been two years (I think) since I spoke as the result … Continue reading

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Designer needed for a small job

I’m going to be getting Confident Ruby hardcopies printed, and I need someone to wrangle the cover art according to the specifications of the printer. I already have art assets from the cover designer in Illustrator format. This job just … Continue reading

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