Why DuckDuckGo is better for web development, a pictorial guide


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The Passion Gospel

Warning: reading the following may render you unemployable at some startups. Continue reading

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Playing with JSON in Postgres

I can fetch a JSON list of subscribers like this: curl -u $API_LOGIN:$API_PASSWORD https://example.org/subscribers Then there’s jq, which is basically AWK for JSON. The following invocation simply breaks a top-level JSON array into an object per line. cat subscribers.json | … Continue reading

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The Moderately Enthusiastic Programmer

I feel like I’m practically the poster child for the “passionate programmer”. I code for fun, always have. I’m like the stereotype of the guy who’d be programming even if it didn’t pay. I play with new programming languages for … Continue reading

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Dotenv for multiple environments

Lately I’ve been handling configuration entirely through environment variables for my apps, as the 12 Factor App recommends, and I can’t recommend this approach enough. As a constraint it helps me think about what parts of a given app¬†actually¬†need to … Continue reading

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Faster! More Intense!

Some notes on screencasting. Continue reading

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The Hybrid Kangaroo Desk

A few people have asked me how I feel about my Hybrid Kangaroo Desk. The short version is that I love it. The slightly longer version: so, I’d known I wanted an adjustable standing desk for quite some time. I’d … Continue reading

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Equals is an Assertion, not an Assignment

Understanding assignment in pattern-matching functional languages. Continue reading

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Lost in a World of Data

A reflection on programming in OO languages versus dynamic functional languages such as Elixir and Clojure. Continue reading

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Debugging an HTTP Client Library

I’ve been trying to use Benoit Chesneau’s hackney library to hit the Wistia API from an Elixir program. Between the fact that hackney is still under rapid development, and the fact that I’m not great at reading Erlang code, it’s … Continue reading

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