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Active Record Soup

Once upon a time there was a small but prosperous village.¬†This village had a reputation¬†for being tech-centric. It was populated mainly by enterprise consultants, software architects, and agile coaches. The denizens of the village had grown wealthy and contented from … Continue reading

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Modeling the World with Prototypes

This post started out as the second half of an article on prototype-based OO design for Gregory Brown’s Practicing Ruby. For an introduction to the prototyped view of the object world, and to follow along on an adventure in making … Continue reading

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DisplayCase Gem Now Available

Announcing the display_case gem, an implementation of the Exhibit pattern described in (and extracted from) “Objects on Rails”. Continue reading

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Making Little Classes out of Big Ones (video)

I recently visited the Hashrocket offices in Jacksonville, and while I was there I did a Lunch & Learn talk on the topic of of breaking down too-big classes into smaller pieces. In it I went over pros and cons … Continue reading

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Decoration is best, except when it isn’t

I think by now we all know to prefer composition over inheritance. But in a language with a lot of options, what’s the best kind of composition to use? Composing an adventure Consider an adventure game, with objects representing player … Continue reading

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SBPP #4: method Cascades

In Smalltalk, you can “cascade” side-effectful calls to the same object using the semicolon (;) operator. E.g.: If I understand it correctly, the semicolon is effectively a K-combinator or “Kestrel”. I am jealous. Sure, we have Object#tap, but that’s awfully … Continue reading

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SBPP #3: Reversing Method

I’m pleased to find Kent Beck shares my affinity for methods with a consistent cadence. In the next pattern I translate, he looks for a way to bring a uniform rhythm to a method that writes an object to a … Continue reading

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SBPP #2: Smalltalk Patterns in Ruby

Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns continues from the introduction with a brief explanation of patterns. Some notable quotes: About leveraging commonality: “large-scale software re-use has not proven to be the answer”. A lot of the mid-90s OO PR centered around the … Continue reading

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SBPP #1: Introduction

The Ruby Rogues are reading Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns for next month’s book club, so I finally got around to ordering a copy. It’s high time, considering that in my experience it’s one of the most consistently recommended programming books … Continue reading

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Your Code is My Hell

It occurred to me recently that my experience as a Rails developer may be somewhat unique. I often get brought in to help preexisting Ruby/Rails projects evolve and mature in a sustainable way. As a result, the vast majority of … Continue reading

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