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RubyTapas Freebie: Scanning a String

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Modeling the World with Prototypes

This post started out as the second half of an article on prototype-based OO design for Gregory Brown’s Practicing Ruby. For an introduction to the prototyped view of the object world, and to follow along on an adventure in making … Continue reading

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RubyTapas 029 – Redirecting Output

Today’s Monday freebie takes a look at two different methods for redirecting standard out and standard error – one simple and quick, one more comprehensive.

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RubyTapas 027: Macros and Modules

In this episode themed after a certain sci-fi television series with the initials “BSG”, we take a look at how to use dynamically generated modules to make metaprogrammed methods open for future extension. This is a two-parter. In part two, (which … Continue reading

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RubyTapas 022: Inline Rescue

Sticking a rescue at the end of a line may seem expedient, but it has a tendency to bite you when you least expect it. In today’s freebie episode, I demonstrate how dangerous an inline rescue can be, as well … Continue reading

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Conditionally Bundling Gems Based on Platform

There are a couple of libraries which I usually include in my Gemfiles because they make Guard more awesome on Ubuntu. However, they don’t make sense to require on other platforms, and they probably don’t even compile when not on … Continue reading

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Code to Joy

Video of my GoGaRuCo 2012 talk, “Code to Joy”, is now online thanks to the good folks at Confreaks. This talk is a random walk through some lesser-known parts of Ruby that make me happy. Speaking for myself, it was … Continue reading

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RubyTapas Episode 1: Binary Literals

It’s been well over a year since I announced this project, but today I’m proud to finally be launching RubyTapas, my subscription screencast service! RubyTapas is all about small plates of gourmet code: brief, focused screencasts on Ruby techniques, idioms, … Continue reading

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Ignorable Exceptions and Other Hacks

Video of a talk I gave at Rocky Mountain Ruby 2011, including an exception hack I haven’t documented anywhere else. Continue reading

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Job Thread!

I get a lot of emails asking if I know of any Ruby job opportunities, or if I know any available Ruby developers. Since I don’t really have time to play matchmaker, I thought I’d try an experiment. So! This … Continue reading

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